Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Am Moving!! hahaha!

I have created a new blog & gonna abandon this and focus on that =) Feel free to follow & visit =) Jan 24,2013 -CXW-

Friday, October 19, 2012

HOW? lol...

SO much to say, but how to say??

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


LOL... right after i have my previous post posted, i went to read my friend's recent post and find out, oopss! it just matches my previous post~ hmmmmmm


It has been few months that I haven't been having good sleep... and have been in a very tense mode~ Those who know me well will feel surprised on how i can make it to not sleep at 8.30pm anymore~ I am amazed too~ lol~

The moment when i feel like giving up, what urge me the most is, "If i give up this chance, I would not be able to reach my dream destination." So, no matter how hard it is to try to keep myself awake and get most of the "never-ending" revision and assignments done, I only know that, I must persevere~

I hope all these sleepless moment can exchange for a good result... and of course, I must hold on and believe that God's second chance to me should be well kept by myself with His great help!

Take care as i am taking care of myself too~! :)


Friday, October 7, 2011

A good slap or not?!

Should i say that it's a good slap on your face or should i pity and feel for u? That's my question after reading a blog entry that i know it is about u.... i chose not to comment because i would have bias... wondering how are you coping with that hard time now~

Sunday, September 18, 2011


The above title is a Chinese saying that simply means being able to help others is a source of happiness.

To contribute to the community, my higher institute organized a 2-day SPM seminar for English& BM and I helped out there.

It has just ended. And, after all, if I choose to be negative, I could say, IT'S TIRING! just that... However, to look at the bright side, I should be happy to be able to be part of it, at least one of the few contribution to the school~ :)

Anyhow, giving it's not just about giving! I can ensure you that, it doesn't just stop there. It does continue with 'gaining'. :)

So, start giving!! The more you give/ help, the more meaningful your life is ;)

Cheers& God bless!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Speechlessness that leads to laughter~

Recently, I am trying to help out a depressed friend. In fact, it has been quite a long while now. This time, I lent her a book called 'Purpose Driven Life.' She then accepted the offer reluctantly.

However, few days later, I received from her a text message saying that she is sorry and she doesn't want to read the book. She doesn't think it helps although she admittedly says that it conveys the positives. *alright! Here is the funny part... She continued with,

'The reality is I don't even know how to DRIVE,I can't live independently. Can't go where I want to go, and no one wants to fetch me to where I want to go.'

To be frank, I do not know how to react to this AT ALL. I just laughed to myself unintentionally~

What do I really want to convey here? It's actually that, I am saddened by the fact that she is so helpless and she knows that but she gives up so easily without giving herself a help, a try, for ONE MORE time!!

Ok! I can't guarantee and do not even have the mind that she will be recovered fully right after finished reading the book! Really~ but, at least something to do to keep her busy and at the same time , being showered with positive thing than gossips and the unnecessaries or whatever that might make her feel even more depressed!

Anyhow, is this a type of personality one who is depressed cultivates!? And, what can be done practically other than prayers to help such bunch ?

Something to ponder upon~ :)

Take care all!! ;)
God bless~